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As a 33 year radio broadcaster, Kim Curry was forced into retirement after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 50. “Come Get Me Mother..” was a two year writing education that doubled as therapy. Now living in Loveland, Colorado with his wife and enjoying life, he’s a dedicated foodie who loves to cook, is an International soccer fan and MS advocate who makes the rounds at different “Men with Multiple Sclerosis” meetings in Northern Colorado. Writing is his new hobby.

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Bonnie's Law, The Return to Fairness

A young woman’s hometown peace is shattered when a President allows lies to be made legal. Molly Melissa Alvin and her family reside deep in the heartland of America, River City. A modest town of friendly people, nestled around its namesake with a vibrant downtown, tree lined streets, a Christmas tree farm, the largest pickle patch in the state and K-River Radio, the town’s only radio station, listened to by all. 

Everyone loved Molly. From her first day in school until graduation, teachers watched in awe as the little girl with the memory of chessmasters and vast amounts of knowledge, nurtured her fellow classmates.

When “Big” Bob in the morning announced the President was about to rescind the Fairness Doctrine, making lies on-air legal without debate, Molly’s best friend Bonnie warned of the loss of truth and trust. How could the people of River City have known the controversial move would pit citizen against citizen, burn a path through their hometown, kill seventeen friends and confine Molly to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 

No one would be better equipped than Molly to fight a battle that would begin in the streets of this great country and end in the halls of Congress. Molly wanted to bring civility back to America and return the Fairness Doctrine.

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Kim “Kid” Curry was a high school junior when his father, the radio newsman, asked him to babysit for his boss at the radio station. Kim assumed it was to babysit the boss’ kids but it was to ‘run’ the actual news show. The radio station played the local church services from the previous week and no one wanted the job. From that moment, Kim knew what he wanted to do as a career and has been a broadcaster for 33 years. Then a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis changed his life. After eight years of failing health, modern science gave him hope by halting the progression of the disease. This is his story. One that will encourage and inspire you to Never Ever Give Up Hope:
Joined by radio legend, Kim “Kid” Curry, discover A story of embracing what is, and moving forward after being diagnosed with MS. After a 33 year career working on radio Kid Curry would be forced into retirement with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 50. But as one of the most energetic and positively electric people I have ever had the fortune of talking to, it is apparent that Kid Curry is proof that life is not over, even when society wants you to believe different. Realizing that his written word is just as powerful as his voice Kim “Kid” Curry is the author of, “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through!”