runDisney update!

June 7th, the wife and I, along with my son and youngest daughter, were scheduled to depart on an exciting adventure, like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m a lucky man who’s done lots of fun and interesting things, most chronicled in my memoir, “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through!” This new quest would take my […]

Blog Stuff!

My literary world has been busy this past year. I completed my third novel, Bonnie’s Law, The Return to Fairness, published by MindStir Media. The release date is upcoming, and I’m very excited. More on my book follows. I’ve been interested in analyzing various authors’ works to hone my rookie writing skills, so I’ve filled […]

9/11 Ken Burns Mohammad Ali Mom Mindstir Media book JJHebert

9/11On September 11, 2021, I made available a 5 hour, minute by minute  presentation of the events of 20 years ago here on the site. It was produced by my staff at Power 96, Miami with the whole project under the direction of Jason “Mini Mixx” Garte. Originally, we played the recreation on the one […]

Summer of Soul, The Big Green Egg and My Next Book

Welcome! I’ve recently refurbished my website. Thanks to Amy and Aspen Grove marketing for running it for the past few years. My new site is designed for writers by writers and is set up for operator use. I’m learning to run the site myself and will be able to change pages and pictures at my […]

The first month update!

After my over 40 year hiatus, the quest to re-learn how to play the trumpet and join countless trumpet players across America playing Taps before next Memorial Day, is well underway. After announcing my mission on Facebook May 31st, the first to respond with a comment was the news director my dad worked for in […]

Will I finish?

What happened over 15 years ago shapes me today… After 33 years of a life in radio broadcasting, the onset of Multiple Sclerosis ripped me out of the career my father got me started in when I was in high school. I dove head first into the world of radio, went to college to study […]