Bonnie's Law, The Return to Fairness

Molly Melissa Alvin was only two-years-old when her physicist/professor father discovered Molly’s memory skill was well beyond her age. Growing up in Nana’s library was the perfect place for this young mind who loved sharing what she’d learned with her classmates, all benefiting greatly.

When Bonnie Martinez moved to town, a lifelong friendship blossomed. Molly and Bonnie shared their appreciation of Mexican Art, reading, colorful dresses, and pañuelos. A friend’s party led to their love of barn life and rescue horses, and a class visit by local radio DJs sparked their concern about a Presidential decision they believed could lead to the loss of truth and trust.

Truth and trust weren’t the only losses Molly Melissa Alvin would endure. But, when someone touches the most important parts of you, they’re never really gone. And, what mattered between the two of them begins a path that, as Nana predicted, could end at the White House.

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