Come Get Me Mother, I'm Through!

The moment Kim Curry stepped into a radio station in high school, he knew he was destined to work in the industry.

At the height of popularity for radio stations and DJs in the 70s and 80s, Curry blazed a trail for himself as “Kid” Curry. His iconic, “Bed Check” segment, helped propel him to star status in Miami and it followed him during his over 20 year path to the dream job of Major Market Program Director. The perks of the job, including hanging out with music legends, being invited to the White House, meeting Johnny U and a Watergate burglar, traveling around the world to find the next “Number One” song and, the best part, helping listeners in need.

Life was on track, but, Multiple Sclerosis had other plans. Curry dismissed the early signs of the disease and continued with his optimistic outlook, until a fateful round of golf led to the diagnosis that halted a lifelong career and extinguished his dreams. But attitude is everything. With the love and support of his incredible (Cuban) wife and her assurance of, “We Got This Papi,” Curry embraced this new challenge and shows us that life can be good even in the face of adversity.

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