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Someone You Should Know with Host Stuart Sax and Guest Kim "Kid" Curry

In this episode of “Someone You Should Know,” Stuart Sax talks with Km “Kid” Curry, former radio personality in Miami who retired after 33 years when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and author of “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through!” Kid shares his history in radio, his journey with MS and talks about his new book. Grab a copy of his book: https://bit.ly/amzCGMMIT

Kim “Kid” Curry was a high school junior when his father, the radio newsman, asked him to babysit for his boss at the radio station. Kim assumed it was to babysit the boss’ kids but it was to ‘run’ the actual news show. The radio station played the local church services from the previous week and no one wanted the job. From that moment, Kim knew what he wanted to do as a career and has been a broadcaster for 33 years. Then a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis changed his life. After eight years of failing health, modern science gave him hope by halting the progression of the disease. This is his story. One that will encourage and inspire you to Never Ever Give Up Hope:

In this episode, Kim “Kid” Curry discusses his experience with Multiple Sclerosis. Early on in his career, he started feeling stinging sensations in his legs, but he wrote it off as possibly being bitten by fire ants. Later, his eyes were an issue, he was having difficulty with mobility, and he felt like he was bitten, but he again wrote it off. One day years later, he was on his way for a tour at the White House and he had a stress reaction, which led to an MS exacerbating with right eye problems, left hand cramping, his legs not working, and he fell out of the car. He moved to Miami and was given a significant promotion. Then, he started having problems with his MS, such as his feet not having sensations, vision failures, eye floaters, right hand was curling,and losing gait. He stopped sleeping, worked 24/7, and triggered MS exacerbations. In 2004, he went back to his chiropractor, who urged him to to urgently see a neurologist. He went through all of the testing and was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He quit his job and drove home. After a time, he found a good treatment regimen, which tremendously helped his symptoms. A few years later, he was given an award for his work in the radio industry, which led him to start telling his story and writing books.

He currently has a special entrance to get into his house, uses a wheelchair for mobility, uses New Step, hand controls in his car, does massage therapy, and uses chiropractic.

Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through
The Death of Fairness
Optimal Health With Multiple Sclerosis

Kim is an author and speaker who had spent 33 years in the radio broadcasting industry before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 50 effectively ending his career. Kim decided to turn his attention to writing. He published the memoir, “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through,” in 2019 and a book about the consequences of the rescinding of the Fairness Doctrine, The Death of Fairness in 2020. Kim joins Billy via Zoom to talk about his M.S. diagnosis, the rescinding of the fairness doctrine, the power of youth voting, radio groupies and Peter Frampton’s zipper…
Ron talks with Kim “Kid” Curry, former radio DJ legend and executive for 33 years about his life in the business and his subsequent struggle dealing with his MS diagnosis. Kim tells his story in an inspiring way to give us all the knowledge to never give up and keep on persevering.
Joined by radio legend, Kim “Kid” Curry, discover A story of embracing what is, and moving forward after being diagnosed with MS. After a 33 year career working on radio Kid Curry would be forced into retirement with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 50. But as one of the most energetic and positively electric people I have ever had the fortune of talking to, it is apparent that Kid Curry is proof that life is not over, even when society wants you to believe different. Realizing that his written word is just as powerful as his voice Kim “Kid” Curry is the author of, “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through!”
On this commemoration of 20 years after 9/11, I’ve found the one year anniversary broadcast put together by the Power 96 staff. You’ll hear a minute by minute account, DJ’s of the era and Power 96 listeners as they shared their experiences.