runDisney update!

June 7th, the wife and I, along with my son and youngest daughter, were scheduled to depart on an exciting adventure, like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m a lucky man who’s done lots of fun and interesting things, most chronicled in my memoir, “Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through!” This new quest would take my family to Disney World where the kids and I would be the support team for my wife as she participates in runDisney 2022, the 26.2-mile marathon where thousands run through the Disney World property, her first-ever marathon.

This seed to participate was planted last August when co-workers encouraged her to give running a try and join them at Disney World. She bought all the gear and got right to work. My wife started with a simple 3-mile walk/run and progressed to impressive 16 mile, mostly run and not so much walk, sessions. Not bad for a woman who (aside from naturally delivering a 7.9-pound baby) hasn’t had much physical activity since her middle school Volleyball team.

Over the months of training, her fellow runners shared milestones on a private Facebook group and encouraged each other. There was every reason to believe my wife was ready to complete her first marathon. 

This family, those who reside in this house, and my kids who live elsewhere, believe in science and medicine. For medical and scientific reasons, we’ve unfortunately had to trash the trip. It’s out of our hands. My wife and I even discussed going against recommendations, but we know better. 

This decision to cancel her runDisney participation has profound ramifications, more profound than I predicted. My wife was devastated. She wondered what her clients would think and how co-workers would respond through tears. I reminded her the clients and friends would certainly understand because there’s not much one can do about science. Then she said, “Before you were 50, you got to do so many things.” Here’s where it got weird for me. She said, “You got to go to Stockholm!” 

Yes, I’ve been to Stockholm. In the mid-’90s, I had a boy band and we traveled there to record two songs. But that’s not what she was referring to. 

 My wife is like many able women of the world. A college graduate, experience in the courtroom, in family law, and in investments. She’s a wife, mother of one, step-mom to three, and friend to many. She went from being my date at the Grammy’s to the caregiver I depend on many times daily due to my chronic illness. After the diagnosis, she mastered real estate sales and is now an international real estate business consultant. My wife is a remarkably talented woman. It took me a while but I came to realize this marathon was the chance to do something that doesn’t have to do with me, the kids, or business. 

Everyone has mountains to climb. What my Cuban wife of over twenty years has accomplished is remarkable, a marathon (perspiring on purpose) was never on her radar. She’s realized the power of adrenaline and doesn’t want to stop training. She said, “I get lost in deep thought, the abstract becomes clear and I feel better.” I haven’t mentioned her excitement about weight loss and body toning. 

She’ll continue to train for a marathon but doesn’t want to talk about it because of her disappointment in the cancelation of this trip. One day, I’ll post “You won’t believe it, my wife just completed her first marathon!” It won’t be long, and it won’t be her last. I’ll bet we’re in Disney next year for runDisney 2023, as long as science and medicine agree.

And she still hasn’t given up on the mushroom thing. Follow along @